Bisherige Masterarbeiten

Nazrin Mansurova (2023)
Social factors in bilingual education of Spanish heritage speakers in the US

Farokh Lagha Arsalani Nia (2023)
The influence of language identity on the language vitality of Khuzestan Arabic in Iran

Müge Gökalp (2023)
Lubunca: Structure, functions and societal attitudes

Norhan Wael Omar (2023)
The influence of Code-switching on the English/Arabic bilingual's identity in Egypt.

Alexandru Craevschi (2022)
Historical contingency and typological tendencies in languages of Western Asia: A quantitative study of word order of non-subject constituents

Mahîr Dogan (2022)
Differential case marking on adpositional complements in Zazakî

Adrian Kuqi (2021)
A sketch grammar of Geg Albanian as spoken in Kosovo

Joanna Naomi Maura (2021)
Politeness and Impoliteness Strategies in the Indonesian Presidential Debates of 2014 and 2019

Maria Charlotte Busch (2019)
Second language speech perception in children: Vowel length discrimination by school-age Chilean learners of German in Santiago de Chile

Ireen Scholze (2019)
Simplification and reduction in the minority language Upper Sorbian

Maria Carina Vollmer (2019)
How radical is pro-drop in Mandarin? A quantitative corpus study on referential choice in Mandarin Chinese.

Nicholas Peterson (2018)
Acquisition of front rounded vowels in adult male Levantine-Arabic learners of German.

Nils Norman Schiborr (2017)
Antecedent distance and accessibility hierarchy: A quantitative approach

Steffen Reetz (2015)
A quantitative corpus-based analysis of post-predicate goals in spoken Oghuz Turkic varieties.