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Currently, General Linguistics is only offered as a BA minor, but not as a BA major. During the program, students gain 45 or 30 ECTS in General Linguistics. The minor program in General Linguistics can only be combined with a major and a second minor. It may be combined with other language and literature studies (e.g. English/American Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies or Slavonic Studies) or with any other subject (i.e. all other BA programs at Bamberg University).

Schematic overview

Profile of the academic program

Bamberg University offers a BA minor in General Linguistics and, since winter semester 2012/13, a Master's program “General Linguistics” as well.            

The BA minor in General Linguistics is the perfect complement for anyone who loves language. In this program, students do not simply learn foreign languages. The focus is much more on how language functions as a unique system of communication. Students learn what languages have in common and where there are differences, how language changes and how socio-cultural factors may influence language.

During the BA minor program in General Linguistics, students learn how to scientifically analyze language and linguistic structures. Language courses, which make up a significant part of the program, offer students the opportunity to learn new languages or to improve on their foreign language skills. The opportunity for students to take classes taught in English allows them to practice this near-universal language of science. Students with a major in language and literature studies (such as English/American Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies or Slavonic Studies) may have courses which they have attended at their other department and which deal with linguistic topics accredited as part of their BA in General Linguistics.

A degree in General Linguistics can be an essential part of various career paths, depending on the major it is combined with. It is useful in areas such as language teaching, the production of teaching materials and dictionaries, adult education, translation and interpreting as well as language technology, including software development for machine translations, automatic speech recognition, etc.

Once students have been awarded their Bachelor degree with a minor in General Linguistics, they can enroll for a Masters program. Students who have been awarded their MA degree may apply for a PhD program.