Language, Literature, Mediation

Please note: The programme is taught in German.

For enrolment and successful studies, you need knowledge of German at least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for most undergraduate study programmes, and at least level C1 for some undergraduate study programmes. If you have any questions concerning your intended Bachelor study programme, the Student Advisory Service and Subject Advisory Service are available to you.

German Language and Literature at the University of Bamberg is about more than just ‘good’ literature, ‘correct’ language, old books and new orthographic rules. Its various sub-disciplines – Modern German Literature, Medieval German Literature, German Linguistics and Didactics of German Language and Literature – focus on contemporary and historical German language, literature, media and culture from a theoretical, analytical and practical perspective and on ways in which schools and cultural institutions can convey these topics effectively. This academically rigorous programme teaches you to reflect methodically on language, grammar, communication and language-based media. You also learn to conduct research, evaluate sources and information, and structure and present knowledge.

The teacher training programme is largely compatible with the bachelor's degree programme. Teacher education students can also acquire a bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature. Similarly, work completed for the bachelor's degree programme can easily be credited towards a teacher education course.

Programme Abstract

Programme Abstract 
Final ExaminationBachelor´s Examination (accompanying the programme)
TitleBachelor of Arts
ECTS-Points180 (German Language and Literature + another major subject or minor subjects, Studium Generale and bachelor’s thesis)
Programme Variations
  • Major subject (75 ECTS points)
  • Minor subject (45 ECTS points)
Standard Programme Duration6 semesters
Programme StartWinter or summer semester
Type of StudiesFull-time and part-time possible

You may study German Language, Literatures and Cultures as a major subject (75 ECTS points) or as a minor subject (45 ECTS points) in combination with a major subject (75 ECTS points) and another minor subject (30 ECTS points). For an overview of available subjects, seethis page


German Language, Literatures and Cultures for teacher training students

Teaching German competently and confidently requires a thorough understanding of the German language, its literature and their historical contexts. You also need to be familiar with modern media and contemporary cultural phenomena. That is why our teacher education course has an academic focus while also taking core school curricula and necessary teaching skills into account.

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The Bachelor of Arts in German Language, Literatures and Cultures was accredited in 2021. For our students, this means that the programme, its structures and contents meet the quality requirements of our internal accreditation system.