Teaching at the Assistant Professorship

The teaching of the Assistant Professorship "Economic and Social History" covers degrees and courses of study in the areas of undergraduate (B.A.), graduate (M.A.) and teacher training for the subject of history. As a "bridge subject", however, it is also features in areas of the social sciences and economics as well as in the special area of "social studies". The courses offered represent the field of study as broadly as possible. In doing so, it complements and deepens the focal points in Modern and Contemporary History as well as in Regional History (especially 19th/20th century) within the Institute of History and European Ethnology. Teaching is fundamentally research-oriented. In addition to general introductions to the subject of history and to economic and social history, it also addresses latest research questions and results as well as fosters interdisciplinary cooperation. Project-oriented learning environments and practical references are a central to our teaching: We offer excursions and non-university teaching cooperation regularly.

Please Note:

The courses at the Assistant Professorship fit any modules of economic history. In addition, they generally also apply for any epoch to which they are thematically devoted.

VC-Course “Forum für Studierende der Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte“

Please find further information on the Virtual Campus Platform. The VC-Course “Forum für Studierende der Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte” provides support for your studies, research opportunities, advice on academic work as well as writing term papers etc. permanently. It is available for all students of economic and social history via the Virtual Campus (VC) Website.