Business History in transnational perspectives / global and colonial history

Scientific Network "(Post-)Colonial Business History"

The network "(Post-) Colonial Business History (PCBH)" aims at organisational networking, exchange on methodology and theory, and expanding the intersections and connections of two fields of research which so far have been conducted rather independently of each other in the German-speaking world: on the one hand, (global) historical approaches to imperial and post-imperial entanglements, and on the other hand, business history, understood broadly as not just the history of the firm, but of organised business and business activity. It consists of 19 international researchers and is funded by the DFG. It is organisationally based in Bamberg. More Information

Project „The Business of Railroads. German Companies and the Colonies“ (Kleinöder)

Dissertation "Prisms of Work – Labour, Recruitment and Command in German East Africa" (Rösser)