Faculty History

In the 2007/08 winter semester, two former university faculties – the faculty of history and earth sciences, founded in 1975, and the faculty of linguistics and literature, founded in 1977 – were combined to create the current Humanities faculty (GuK).

On 8 June 2006, the Bavarian state government and the Apostolic See arranged to decommission the University of Bamberg’s faculty of Catholic theology after 15 years. The former faculty, now represented by the Institute for Catholic Theology, has been a part of the Humanities faculty since 1 October 2009. This joining of the University of Bamberg’s oldest and largest faculties has created new perspectives for the study of theology in Bamberg.

The university buildings housing the faculty – especially the buildings U2, U5, U7, U9 and U11 (U= "An der Universität") – are closely situated around the former "Burgershof" in the centre of the Bamberg world heritage site. This stylish university quarter is home to 17th and 18th century buildings like the old academy and later secondary school building (U5), the former private residence (Austraße 37) which currently houses facilities like a dining hall and student services offices, the listed "Remise," as well as a building formerly used by the local fire brigade (U11). Until 2004, the U7 building housed the TB4 university library branch. Since the completion of a new library building, the U7 has been home to a large, central lecture hall.

History and the earth sciences are located in the so-called "Hochzeitshaus" and in the building at "Am Kranen 1-3." Following thorough restoration and renovation, this one-time abattoir has been home to the TB5 university library branch and to representatives of the geography departments. Recent additions include both the buildings "Am Kranen 14," in which the archaeology department is housed, and "Am Kranen 10," a former pet shop adjacent to the Hochzeitshaus.