Materials and Preservation Science

Picture of the month March 2023

The opening speech of Dr. Kristina Holl to the International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Climate Change, which took place at the end of February in the Former Dominican Library in Bamberg with participants from 14 countries.

Profile Materials and Preservation Science

Our focus lies on art technology, material and conservation sciences. The main tasks include techniques for preserving substance, preventive conservation, maintenance and monitoring. Further topics are the analysis of the current state with cultural science and low-destructive natural science methods. The anamnesis and diagnosis of substantial changes in historical substance and the description of the spectrum of therapeutic concepts play an important role, especially in our courses.

The Materials and Perservation Science have a very well-equipped laboratory with the necessary equipment at their disposal Am Zwinger 6, 96047 Bamberg.

For digital building documentation as wells as to perform the most non-destructive monitoring as possible, various 3D laser scanners are on site, which are used specifically, depending on the object and the research question.

The Materials and Perservation Science sees itself primarily as an auxiliary science that makes a decisive and important contribution to clarifying a wide variety of issues in the interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration between the individual disciplines involved, which is typical and absolutely necessary for the historic preservation.