Picture of the month December 2022

Picture of the month November 2022

The research team of the project Damage prevention for cultural assets in times of climate change in front of the exterior fresco of the Orangery in Bronnbach Monastery. Many thanks to the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC for the realization of the presence metting and the exciting insights into the sacred premises.

From top: Paul Bellendorf (Uni Bamberg), Ralf Kilian (Fraunhofer IBP), Uta Pollmer (Fraunhofer IMW), Franziska Prell (Uni Bamberg), Lena Barahona Neri (Fraunhofer Academy, ZV), Sabrina Rota (Fraunhofer IZKK), Kristina Holl (Uni Bamberg) and Christine Richter (Fraunhofer IMW).


Picture of the month October 2022

Kristina Holl discusses materiality and damage phenomena at the Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires together with colleagues Fernando Marte and Marcos Tascon. The visit to Argentina was made possible thanks to a grant from BAYLAT.

Picture of the month September 2022

Preparations for a special event. This year we are taking part in the Maus Türöffnertag 2022. More information is available here.

Picture of the month August 2022

3D scan in the Wendelstein bathhouse in the Bad Windsheim open-air museum.


Picture of the month July 2022

The application week "3D capturing of objects in Building Preservation Science" was once again hosted by the Diözesanmuseum in Bamberg (among others). We would like to thank the local staff for their once again very hospitable support. 

Picture of the month June 2022

Project team of the DFG project MatGlas at the annual meeting of SPP2255 "Kulturerbe Konstruktion"; here during the excursion to the F60 visitor mine. 
From left: Paul Bellendorf (Uni Bamberg), Franziska Rehde (TU Dresden), Alexandra Schmölder (Uni Bamberg), Ruth Tenschert (Uni Bamberg), Michael Engelmann (TU Dresden).

Picture of the month May 2022

Impression from the block seminar "Introduction to Object Conservation" as part of the course offering for the subject "Cultural Property Conservation" (Kulturgutsicherung) in WS2021/22.
Many thanks to the lecturer Dr. Britta Schmutzler for the exciting course.

Picture of the month April 2022

DFG project Cultural Heritage Construction MatGlas; cluster meeting in the Europe 1 broadcasting hall, Berus in Sept. 2021. Ruth Tenschert and Alexandra Schmölder document the windows on the rear façade.

Picture of the month March 2022

"Stormy times": On Friday 18.02.2022, storm Zeynep knocked down a tree in front of the KDWT. Fortunately, there was no personal injury and no major damage to property.

Picture of the month February 2022

The DBU project "Freising" started on 01.01.2022. Our picture of the month shows Ruth Tenschert and Leander Pallas performing a 3D scan of the painting that is the focus of the research. More about the project soon on the project website.

Picture of the month January 2022

On 29.11.2021 our esteemed colleague Ruth Tenschert had her disputation. 
The whole team of Materials and Preservation Science congratulates once again on passing (and surpassing) the exam!