Conference and workshop "Adaptation strategies for monuments in climate change", May 25-26, 2023 in Bamberg

ICOMOS Germany in cooperation with the University of Bamberg


Herewith we would like to draw your attention to the event "Adaptation Strategies for Monuments in Climate Change", which will take place on May 25-26, 2023 in Bamberg.

The conference and workshop are organized by ICOMOS Germany and the University of Bamberg in cooperation with Deutschen Nationalkomitee für Denkmalschutz, der Vereinigung der Denkmalfachämter in den Ländern and the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU).

Climate change is not an abstract phenomenon that lies in the distant future. Recent years have already shown that summers in Central Europe are becoming warmer and, above all, drier. At the same time, the number of extreme weather events is increasing. The present and future changes can have a massive impact on building cultural heritage. The topic of "climate change and cultural heritage" is complex and requires the interaction of different disciplines and actors. The organizers of the event have therefore come together to discuss possible adaptation strategies for cultural heritage in times of climate change in a joint and intergenerational way. At the same time, cultural heritage is not only a victim, but also offers solutions to move Europe towards a green, climate-neutral continent.

In addition to relevant presentations, the program includes a visit to the Bamberg Hain park. This is already under massive threat from climate change. However, the core element of the event will be four theme tables on different focal points of the topic of climate change and cultural heritage. At these tables, we want to discuss possible solutions together with you in order to be able to derive strategies for action for everyday monument preservation.

The presentations will be made available online, but participation in the topic tables and the excursion will only be possible in person.

For more information as well as the registration check out the programm.