Types of Special Case Applications

In some cases, the approval of a special case by the PhD committee is already necessary before applying for admission (or together with it). In particular, this is the case for

  • the application for a change of major subject according to § 4 (1) 2, if you would like to do your doctorate in a subject other than your major subject. In most cases, changes of major subject are approved if the PhD subject is close to your Master’s major.
  • the application for exemption from the grade requirement according to § 4 (1) 3. This can be approved if the degree was obtained in a subject in which only a few students achieve the grades "good" or "very good".
  • the application for exemption from the requirement of at least two semesters of study at the University of Bamberg according to § 4 (1) 2 or 4 (2). If the PhD student is member of a PhD programme or member of the university for other reasons (research associate, TRAc), this requirement is dispensed. No application is required.

In some cases, applications for special case approval can also be submitted during the ongoing PhD procedure. In particular

  • the application for admission of an external reviewer and/or examiner according to § 11 (1) 2 or § 10 (1).
  • the application for admission of an external member of the examination committee (2nd additional examiner) according to § 10 (1)