Examination Procedure

After submission, the chairperson of the PhD committee appoints the reviewers of your dissertation as well as examiners and the chairperson of your examination committee. If all formal requirements are fulfilled, you will be admitted to the examination procedure. The evaluation often takes up the largest part of the examination procedure. The reviewers will be notified of a recommended deadline of three months from the admission to the examination procedure.

As soon as the reviews have arrived at the PhD office, the PhD thesis, together with the reviews, is available for inspection by the full-time university lecturers for a full fourteen days during the lecture period. If no objections are raised here, the PhD thesis is considered accepted and you will receive notification about this. At the latest during the display, you should agree with your examiners on the date of the examination (during the lecture period), a suitable room and a person to take the minutes for your disputation and inform the PhD office as early as possible.

The oral examination concludes the examination procedure. At least one week before the scheduled date of the oral examination, you, all members of the examination committee, and the person taking the minutes will be invited to the examination.

After passing the oral examination, you will receive an interim report stating that you have passed the examination as well as the overall grade and the grades of the PhD thesis and the oral examination.