First Steps

Once you have found a supervisor for your PhD project and you both have signed a supervision agreement, you should apply for admission to the PhD procedure.

The application for admission to the PhD procedure is usually submitted in the PhD office at the beginning the PhD project with the necessary documents (Application for Admission Link). Admission requires that the person interested in the doctorate fulfils the requirements for PhD studies according to § 4 of the doctoral regulations. (Admission Requirements Link).

In addition to the PhD committee, which checks the formal requirements, there are other services for PhD students.

TRAc PhD Career Advice

The PhD Career Advice supports person interested in a doctorate and PhD students at the University of Bamberg by providing advice, information, networking and events. Registration in the TRAc PhD database also has many advantages:

  • PhD status (membership of the University of Bamberg)
  • automatic generation of a FIS account
  • forum for PhD students
  • special status at the University Library for authors of scientific papers
  • ServiceCard

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is the first point of contact for graduates of foreign universities. For applicants who obtained their A-levels in Germany but completed their Master's degree abroad, an equivalence check of the university certificates is carried out here. Applicants who have acquired both their A-levels and further university qualifications outside Germany must apply for initial admission at the Welcome Center.

Academic Registrar's Office

PhD students have the possibility to enrol for a maximum of six semesters as a PhD student at the University of Bamberg. Students who are enrolled in a doctoral programme are not required to pay tuition fees. After completion of the sixth semester, PhD students are automatically exmatriculated. However, enrolment is not obligatory, not even for the submission of the dissertation and the oral examination.