If you have finished the PhD thesis and your supervisor has given his/her consent to its submission, three identical copies of the PhD thesis as well as three additional data carriers, each with identical content, will be handed in to the PhD office together with the submission form(219.0 KB) (Information on data collection(51.6 KB, 2 pages)).

Please fill in the form with the names of the desired reviewers of the PhD thesis and examiners for the oral examination. According to § 12 (2), this will take the form of a disputatio.

It is absolutely necessary to contact the desired examiners in advance, to ask for their agreement to take the examination and to prove this by signing the form. For the oral examination, it is necessary that either the first further examiner (usually the second reviewer of the PhD thesis) or the second further examiner comes from a different subject group (Annex 1 PromO) than your supervisor.

Formal Specifications

Notes for students with PhD thesis in languages other than German or English

If the PhD committee has allowed an exception to the requirement to write the PhD thesis in German or English according to § 8 (8) 2, a detailed summary in German or English must be attached to the submitted thesis according to § 8 (8) 3. The summary must formally cover all parts of the thesis and reflect the main contents and main results of the study. The summary must be mentioned in the table of contents and included in the PhD thesis as a separate section or chapter. This applies to the copies to be prepared for review. Other arrangements can be made for the publication of the PhD thesis.

Please discuss the question regarding the abstract with your supervisor at an early stage.