Transfer - the Faculty in the Public Eye

Research findings from the faculty’s numerous subject fields are regularly made available to the broader public in the context of talks, colloquia and lecture series, poster and internet presentations, and also in the form of exhibits which are often conceived and prepared as aspects of academic courses and which are presented both in Bamberg and further afield.
Furthermore, the faculty takes advantage of its many opportunities to create platforms that bring together culture, academics and the public. Some examples of this are the Bamberger Hegelwoche (Hegel Week), the annual poetics professorship which is headed by a different renowned author each year, and also the “Literature in the University” series.
Faculty scholars are also active participants in Bamberg’s “Night of Research” (Nacht der Forschung), an event which takes place every two years and brings together an offering of presentations, talks and exhibits on one particular topic area.
The remarkable appeal of these events in recent years is a testament not only to the student body’s, but also to the broader public’s interest in the faculty’s transfer activities. However, the successful organisation of events like these would not be possible without the faculty’s close cooperation with the city of Bamberg’s cultural institutions and promoters.