Academic Equal Opportunity Officer of the Humanities Faculty


Given that 71% of our students and 61% of the non-professorial teaching staff ("akademischer Mittelbau") are women, one might feel compelled to ask: Why are Academic Equal Opportunity Officers necessary at the Faculty of Humanities?

The above numbers already give a hint. If we also take a comparative look at the level of professors, we see that the number of women gets lower the more the level of qualification rises. While 45% of W1- and W2-Professorships are held by women, the number of women among the most well-endowed C4- and W3-Professorships is only at 24% (as of 2017). But this is not the only issue where we see a need to act. As women's representatives, it is our duty to assist women at all levels of their careers to reach their professional goals and in doing so to work towards actual equality of men and women in the Faculty of Humanities and Cultural Studies. Our focus is especially on questions of diversity and problems that affect both women and men, for example the combination of family and career and/or the precarious work conditions of the non-professorial teaching staff ("Mittelbau").


Brief overview over our work:

  • Advancement of women within the Faculty of Humanities
  • Committee work
  • Advice
  • Cooperation with the Women's Office
  • Supporting the University's Women's Representatives

Our topics:

  • Equality between men and women
  • Family-Friendly University
  • Precarious employment
  • Questions of diversity