Orientation Days Sociology

Dear first semester students,

welcome to Bamberg Sociology!

Every semester, one week before the start of the lecture period, the Orientation Days take place. In addition to general information about studying at the University of Bamberg, you will receive specific information about studying Sociology in Bamberg as part of an introduction to the subject and in the tutorial courses.

The Orientation Days will take place in the summer semester 2024 from April 8 to April 12, 2024 on-site at the University of Bamberg. To make it easier for you to start your studies, introduction to the subject, tutorial courses and timetable advice will be offered during these days. During the Orientation Days, subject representatives and tutors will accompany and assist you. Lectures, seminars and exercises usually start on Monday, April 15, 2024.

Please bring your ba-number and the corresponding password to your tutorial courses during the Orientation Days, as well as your own laptop if possible. You should have already received your ba-number from the University of Bamberg together with other enrollment documents.

You will need both after the introduction to the subject at the tutorial courses in order to set up your first online services and create your timetable!

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General information on starting your studies

Registration for courses
  • Not all courses require registration and the types of registration as well as the registration deadline may vary between the different courses
    • i.e. registration for lectures and seminars depends on the lecturer and must be looked up individually for each course
  • In UnivIS, most lecturers provide the most important information about the courses they offer, including the intended method of registration (e.g. Registration via FlexNow, self-enrollment in the VC course, e-mail to the secretary's office or no registration required)
  • Registration deadline for courses in sociology: Thursday, April 11, 2024
  • ATTENTION: in statistics, registration for courses ends on Wednesday, April 10, 2024
Exam registration
  • Registration deadlines for Centrally Organized Examinations
    • Registration: 29 May 2024 (from 10:00 o'clock) until 17 June 2024 (at 23:59 o'clock)
    • Deregistration: 29 May 2024 (from 10:00 o'clock) until 8 July 2024 (at 23:59 o'clock)
  • Registration deadlines for Decentrally Organized Examinations are determined by the respective chairs themselves
  • IMPORTANT, as no examinations can be taken without punctual and valid registration via FlexNow and therefore no ECTS can be acquired
    • i.e. if you forget to register for an examination, you will have to repeat the lecture/seminar in the next semester and, if necessary, repeat any work you have already completed
  • at the end of each semester, you must re-register for the next semester by transferring the student fee to the account of the University of Bamberg
    • IMPORTANT, because only those who re-register for the next semester remain enrolled!
  • Re-registration for the next semester: 17 June 2024 until 05 July 2024 
    Further dates

      UnivIS:  A timetable can be created here each semester
      • Information on creating a timetable and using UnivIS
      • The course catalog contains all courses offered with information on the respective courses (e.g. prerequisites, contents, type of registration)

      FlexNow: Under "Start FlexNow2" you will find the page for Exam Registration and Deregistration, Exam results etc.
      • Information on registering for courses and examinations
      • Under Student's data you will find an overview of your currently registered examinations and all examinations already taken with your grade as well as your registered courses
      • Under Exam (De-) Registration, you can either use the search function to find the courses for which you want to register for or deregister from exams or you can use the "tree" below with courses that match your degree program
      • Under Course you can find and register for courses via the faculty and the chair that offers your courses
      • Under Data sheet you can create a PDF with your current grade overview, which you will need for applications etc.

      Virtual Campus (VC): Here you will find all courses with the respective course materials
      • Under My courses you will find all VC courses in which you are already enrolled
      • Under All courses you can search for new courses and enrol - in some VC courses you can enrol yourself, others require a password, which is usually communicated in the first session of the course

      University's online services: On this website you will find, among other things, your study certificates
      • Information on theuniversity's online services
      • In addition to the certificates of enrollment, you will also receive confirmation that your re-registration was successful

      IAM-Portal of the University of Bamberg (Identity-Access-Management)
      • Here you can, among other things, change your password for your ba number, change your student e-mail address and register for mailing lists (e.g. sociology mailing list)
      • Tutorial IAM Portal(165.6 KB, 1 page)

      Links to module handbooks (MHBs), examination regulations (POs) and information brochures
      Sociology mailing list
      • Subscribe to the sociology mailing list
      • Be sure to sign up for the sociology mailing list. In addition to all important information about studying, deadlines and dates, job advertisements for part-time jobs in the field of sociology are also shared via this list
      Academic Advisor for Sociology

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            Life in Bamberg
            • Studentenwerk: Information on accommodation, canteens, BAföG, chip card, legal, social and psychotherapeutic advice, childcare
            • feki.de: Overview of all important information about studying and living in Bamberg
              • Quicklinks to the most important online services of the University of Bamberg (FlexNow2, VC, etc.)
              • Overview of current events, parties, etc.
              • Job exchange: Job advertisements for mini-jobs, working student jobs and internships in the area
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            Student Involvement

            Offer of the University Sports 

            Click here for information on all degree programs offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration (SoWi).


            We wish all new students a great Orientation Week and a good start to their studies!