Graduate Program in Sociology - Exploring society


Study Program Director and Faculty Academic Advisor

Dipl.-Soz. Susann Sachse-Thürer
Room F21/01.15
Feldkirchenstr. 21
Tel: 0951/863-3910

Office hours: Wednesday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Prior appointment via email is requested.

Description of the program

The graduate program in Sociology leads to the conferment of a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree, a second higher education degree qualifying to practice a profession or to conduct research. The primary goal of the program is to prepare students for the various job possibilities in executive and scientific positions as sociologists.

The program follows a scientific as well as practice-oriented approach. Thus, a consolidation of students’ knowledge in sociological fundamentals in the areas Sociological Theory, Analysis of Social Structures, and Methodologies is indispensable. With this broad knowledge base, graduate students will have a seamless transition from their graduate studies to a PhD program or PhD project. Like the undergraduate program, the graduate program is also oriented towards specific fields of activity and students may create individualized profiles through specialization within their course of study. The employability of graduates is, therefore, strengthened despite the comprehensive flexibility of students with the design of their study plan.

The major fields of study are closely related to the research focus of Sociology at Bamberg. This ensures the content of study to be relevant, up to date, and future-oriented.

Here you can find more information about the academic profile of Sociology at Bamberg.

Essentials M.A. Sociology
ExaminationMaster examination (during the course of study)
TitleMaster of Arts (M.A.)
ECTS credits120
Duration2 academic years (4 semester)
Start of studiesIn April or October
Intensity of studyFull time and part time
InternshipPossible but not obligatory
Study abroadPossible but not obligatory