Academic Advisor for Sociology

Throughout their studies, students are often confronted with a variety of problems or questions, like the planning of a semester abroad or their search for an internship position. Many of these questions can be answered by carefully reading the study and examinations regulations as well as the study and module plans (found via the Dean’s website - only available in German). Additionally, introductory events are organized by the university and faculty at the beginning of each semester. Sociology students also receive important announcements and information via the Sociology mailing list(268.6 KB, 2 pages) (only available in German) and should take careful note of the notifications from the Examination Board (only available in German) (currently chaired by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen). 

However, there are times when students may benefit from individual consulting services offered by the university and the faculty. The Academic Advisor for Sociology is responsible for the Sociology Department as well as for sociology students. If you study a different subject, please contact the Academic Advisor of your subject for further guidance.

Dennoch ist es hilfreich, zum Einstieg in das Fach der Soziologie, zur allgemeinen Orientierung im Studium und zu den studienbegleitenden Praktika die individuellen Beratungsangebote der Fakultät und der Universität wahrzunehmen. Die Fachstudienberatung Soziologie ist ausschließlich für das Fach und die Studierenden der Soziologie zuständig. Sollten Sie ein anderes Fach studieren, wenden Sie sich bitte an die Fachstudienberatung Ihres Hauptfaches.

The Academic Advisor for Sociology can help with the following to concerns:

Provide orientation concerning: 

  • Organization of the study
  • Study and examinations regulations
  • Alternative course offerings

Informs about:

  • Study opportunities and subject combinations
  • Admission regulations and application procedures
  • Study planning and design
  • Additional qualifications and job prospects

Provides advice on:

  • Decision problems with the choice of study
  • Change of university or change of subject
  • Study termination and alternatives to academic studies

The Academic Advisor for Sociology can unfortunately not:

  • Make the decision for you weather or not to study or which subject to study
  • Provide psychological or personal counselling

The purpose of the Academic Advisor is to give advice and information about content, structure, and requirements of the study program.


Dates and Deadlines

Here you find the dates for the registration period and for the review of exams.

Here you find the current examination dates.


The Academic Advisor for Sociology

For any questions directed to the Academic Advisor for Sociology, you may contact me by email. Please be sure to inform yourself in advance and prepare independently (reading the module handbook and the examination regulations). If you still have questions after such time, please formulate your inquiries precisely and provide both your degree course and student number.

For questions regarding the following topics, please refer to the respective documents first: (only available in German)

  • For the validity of the module handbooks, please check this page for B.A. or this page for M.A.
  • The latest module handbook can be found here (B.A.) and here (M.A.).
  • For information concerning the internship, please check this page.
  • Issues regarding BAföG may be answered on this page.
  • For an information leaflet on the bachelor thesis, go here.

If you wish a personal appointment, please contact me by email to arrange a meeting (10AM – 1PM, Wednesday).

Dipl.-Soz. Susann Sachse-Thürer
Feldkirchenstr. 21, Room F21/01.15
Consultation-hours: 10AM – 1PM, Wednesday
Please email me in advance to arrange an appointment.
Phone: +49 (0) 951/863-3910

Email: susann.sachse(at)

If the academic advisor is not available and in case you have an urgent issue with respect to the examination rules and regulations, you may contact:

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen
Chair of the Examination Board (Sociology)



Mr. Jürgen Jung
Examination office


Here you find the presentations of the orientation days for freshmen in the undergraduate(1.1 MB) and graduate(1.1 MB) program. (only available in German)