Research Focuses

Prof. Dr. Daniel Drewski

Junior Professorship for Sociology of Europe and Globalization

  • Sociology of European integration and globalization
  • Migration and boundaries
  • Social and symbolic boundaries
  • Qualitative methods, discourse analyses

Prof. Dr. Matthias Dütsch

Professorship of Sociology, especially Labor Research

  • Sociology of work and occupation
  • Minimum and low wage research
  • Work and Health
  • Employment histories and occupational mobility empirical research on justice

Prof. Dr. Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler

Professorship of Demography

  • Sociology of Health
  • Family Demography
  • Social Demography
  • Causal analysis
  • Sociology of Population

Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel

Chair of Sociology, especially Methods of Empirical Social Research

    • International comparative social research
    • Longitudinal data analysis
    • Methods of modern causal analysis
    • Life course research (transition to adulthood)
    • Unemployment and non-standard employment
    • Social stratification / inequality

    Prof. Dr. Rasmus Hoffmann

    Chair of Sociology, with special emphasis on Social Inequalities

    • Social and health inequality
    • Dimensions of social inequality
    • Modeling of life course processes
    • Sociology of Health

    Prof. Dr. Corinna Kleinert

    Professorship of Sociology with Focus on Longitudinal Educational Research

    • Empirical research on education and the labor market
    • Transitions between school and working life
    • Gender inequalities in education and the labor market
    • Collection and analysis of longitudinal data

    Prof. Dr. Yuliya Kosyakova

    Chair for Migration Research

    • (Circular) Migration and Integration
    • Labor market integration and social participation
    • Social stratification/inequality
    • Gender inequalities and intersectionality
    • Collection and analysis of longitudinal data

    Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen

    Chair of Sociology, area Social Stratification

    • Migration and Integration
    • Educational sociology
    • Social inequality / social stratification

    Prof. Dr. Isabel Kusche

    Professorship of Sociology with Focus on Digital Media

    • Sociology of digital media
    • Political sociology
    • Sociological theory

    Prof. Dr. Katja Möhring

    Chair of Sociology, esp. family and work

    • Sociology of the life course, esp. work and family
    • Age and retirement
    • Gender inequality and attitudes
    • Comparative welfare state research
    • Multilevel and panel analyses

    Prof. Dr. Thorsten Peetz

    Department of Sociology, especially Sociological Theory

    • Sociological Theory
    • Comparative Macrosociology
    • Social Theory
    • Sociology of european and global processes
    • Political Sociology
    • Sociology of Religion

    Prof. Dr. Marvin Reuter

    Junior professorship for sociology, esp. work and health

    • Precarious employment and health in Europe
    • Physical and psychosocial workloads
    • Presenteeism (working despite illness)
    • Social inequality and health

    Prof. Dr. Elmar Rieger

    Professorship of Sociology, especially Research on Europe and Globalization

    • Sociology of transnational processes
    • Sociology of international structures
    • Historical-comparative welfare state research
    • Sociology of international law
    • Sociology of international relations
    • Sociological Theory

    Prof. Dr. Steffen Schindler

    Professorship of Sociology with Focus on Education and Work in the Life Course

    • Sociology of Education
    • Social inequality and social mobility
    • Social structure analysis
    • Sociological labor market research

    Prof. Dr. Olaf Struck

    Professorship of Labour Studies

    • Labour market, economy and company (international comparative)
    • Welfare state research, social structure analysis and social policy (international comparative)
    • Empirical justice research
    • Operational employment systems, personnel and organizational development
    • Education and training, life course and generation research (international comparative)
    • Statistics and qualitative methods of social research
    • Sociological theory

    Prof. Dr. Mark Trappmann

    Chair of Sociology, especially Survey Methodology

    • Examination of measurement error
    • Examination of nonresponse error
    • Interaction of measurement error and nonresponse error
    • Examination of coverage error
    • Dynamics of basic income support
    • Importance of social networks in the labor market
    • Situation of employed basic income support recipients