The discipline of sociology, as an interdisciplinary science, can be effectively combined with many other subjects offered at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg. Given that sociology fundamentally engages with all societal phenomena, it can serve as a bridge to many more application-oriented fields with the help of its scientific foundation. Sociology can be studied as a minor subject within the scope of 30 or 45 ECTS credits in many programs at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, as bachelor's studies in the humanities and cultural sciences are typically designed as multi-subject programs. The total scope of the bachelor's program, which consists of 180 ECTS credits, includes a major subject with 75 or more ECTS credits, another major subject or minor subjects totaling 30 or 45 ECTS credits, a General Studies program of 18 ECTS credits, and the bachelor's thesis with 12 ECTS credits.

With the help of knowledge in sociology, mechanisms behind societal changes, for example, can be explained and understood.

By pursuing sociology as a minor subject, students from other disciplines can acquire the following competencies:

  • Recognizing sociological problems and presenting them appropriately
  • Analyzing with scientific methods and developing independent solutions

A minor in sociology serves as an excellent complement to your individual academic profile, especially if you are interested in a career with a focus on societal analysis.


Study Structure

Sociology in other Bachelor's Programs

The discipline of sociology can be studied as a minor subject in several Bachelor's degree programs with a scope of 30 or 45 ECTS credits.

You can pursue a minor in sociology in the following variations:

The basis for the minor is provided by the Study and Examination Regulations for Minor Subjects  (here especially §43 Sociology).

The following regulations(77.2 KB, 3 pages) apply (PDF only avaliable in German). Detailed information about the modules can be found in the Module Handbook for Minor in Sociology .

You can access the presentation of the introductory days for first-semester students in the minor in sociology here(2.7 MB, 18 pages).

Sociology in other Master's Programs

The discipline of sociology can be studied in a number of Master's degree programs. The following sociology modules are available for students in other Master's degree programs while the following regulations(95.2 KB, 2 pages) apply.



The bachelor's minor in sociology is not subject to admission restrictions. However, admission is contingent on acceptance into the (primary) major field of study. The program can be commenced in both the winter and summer semesters. The formal admission requirements include a general university entrance qualification or a relevant subject-specific university entrance qualification.


Forms for the Minor in Sociology


Accreditation and system accreditation

The system accreditation of the University of Bamberg was successfully completed in June 2019 when the ACQUIN Accreditation Commission determined that all requirements had been met. Since then, the University of Bamberg has been responsible for the quality assurance of the degree programs.
The minor subject Sociology (30 and 45 ECTS credits) was last accredited in 2019. For students, this means that the minor program with its structures and content meets the required quality criteria of the Accreditation Council.