Junior Professorship for Sociology, esp. Work and Health

Welcome to the website of the Junior Professorship for Sociology, especially Work and Health, at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg.

At the Junior Professorship, we use quantitative-empirical methods to investigate the consequences of work and employment conditions on the health of individuals. We also teach scientific theories and findings from this area in academic courses.

Our research and teaching activities concentrate on Medical Sociology and Social Epidemiology, with a particular focus on work and occupation. This includes in particular precarious forms of employment, physical and psychosocial working conditions, presenteeism and the socially unequal distribution of work-related health risks. Another area of interest is life course epidemiology, i.e. the long-term effects of social processes on health. We are particularly interested in the transition from school to work and the transfer of health opportunities from parents to their children.

The junior professorship offers supervision of theses (bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses) on medical sociological or social epidemiological topics.