Junior Professorship for Sociology, especially Work and Health

Welcome to the website of the Junior Professorship for Sociology, especially Work and Health, at the University of Bamberg.

At this junior professorship we research the consequences of employment and working conditions for health using quantitative-empirical methods. We also teach about scientific theories and findings in this area.     

Our research and teaching focus on physical and psychosocial work strain, health inequalities based on occupation and occupational qualifications, unemployment, precarious employment and job insecurity, presenteeism (working while sick), and negative and discriminatory social behaviour in the workplace. In addition, we are interested in more general health research topics, including horizontal and vertical inequalities in morbidity and mortality, social influences on health behaviour, access to and use of health care, institutional contexts, and hypotheses and findings from life course epidemiology.

This junior professorship offers supervision of bachelor, master and doctoral theses.