Sociology at the University of Bamberg

Brief information

Established in 1979 and supervised by nationally and internationally renowned professors, the University of Bamberg’s Sociology Department is one of the leading departments in Germany covering a wide range of topics in the field. Special emphasis is laid on a sophisticated training in methods of empirical social research as well as sociological theory.

The opportunity to specialize in job-oriented major fields of study (i.e. the “Bamberg Model”) has attracted many students making the degree program an in-demand choice. In addition to the fundamental core disciplinary subjects, students may select modules such as political science, economics, computer science, or communication studies to tailor their experience.

This combination of expertise in sociological methods and theory, the focus on career outcomes, and the interdisciplinary nature of the program has proven to be of great value for graduates on the job market. Studies show that graduates of Sociology from the University of Bamberg have good job opportunities within and beyond scientific work resulting in the program achieving high ratings(364.4 KB, 103 pages) (available only in German) and being placed in the top group.

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