Graduate School

The "Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences" (BAGSS) started in 2010 and has been funded by the German Excellence Initiative since November 2012. Please visit the BAGSS website for more information on the Graduate School in Bamberg, the content, projects, structures and people.

Within the Graduate School "Markets and Social Systems in Europe" of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics, and Business Administration at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg, dissertation topics have been worked on, which are on the one hand located in sociology and political science, and on the other hand settled in private and commercial law, labor and social law, financial economics, international management, and social policy. The research program of the Graduate School examined the opening and closing of markets and social systems in the interaction of global orders, European decision-making and national traditions. The Graduate School "Markets and Social Systems in Europe" came to an end in 2012 after more than 10 years.