Reasons to study Sociology at Bamberg

Bamberg has one of the leading sociology departments in Germany. With respect to the training in research methods, the relatedness to science and its research reputation, the University of Bamberg belongs to the top universities in Germany. The outstanding scientific achievement of the University of Bamberg’s Sociology Department is affirmed by the German Council of Science and Humanities (only available in German). Furthermore, the University of Bamberg is ranked 1st in “Innovation in Education” in Germany by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (DFG-Förderatlas 2012 - only available in German) and within Bavaria is ranked 2nd in “Humanities and Social Science”. The close linkage between research and teaching is a strong benefit for your education.

The major fields of study within Sociology are reflected in the research areas at the University of Bamberg as the study content is interconnected with the scientific quality of Sociology in Bamberg. Hence you chose a concentration area out of the various sociological fields of study and are supervised by acknowledged experts from that field.


The proximity to current research guarantees that lectures are on the pulse of time. The focus on topics that are currently discussed in science ensures academic depth and a future-driven education. This facilitates your entry into the job market. Your knowledge is sophisticated, up-to-date, and forward thinking.


The obligatory practice module reinforces the above mentioned effects. You will benefit directly from our social research experience in an application-oriented environment. By actively conducting research with a close supervision by experienced scientist, you will gain concrete insights into our research work in the fields of ‘demography’, ‘migration’, ‘education, labor and family’ as well as ‘labor market, labor organization and occupational science’. 


The practical relevance of the study program opens up various professional opportunities within and outside science. Many graduates of Sociology from the University of Bamberg enter public administrations (project management), public relation and marketing departments of large companies, coaching and consulting agencies as well as market research.

For a scientific career, the University of Bamberg offers several possibilities for further qualifications. The Trimberg Research Academy (TRAc) gives an overview on structured doctoral programs at Bamberg (BAGSS - Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences). The Scientific Career Service provides basic information concerning scientific careers and scholarship programs. Furthermore, the numerous social science research projects at Bamberg offer options for an entry in a science profession as well as possibilities to pursue a doctorate.

Comprising 13 chairs and professorships, Sociology in Bamberg covers a broad range of thematic fields. The research in the department focusses on labor market, education and family issues as well as on macro-sociological issues. With the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), Bamberg is known as one of the leading centers for empirical education research. Furthermore, within Bavaria, Bamberg has the only professorship explicitly in demography. The Department of Sociology, especially Sociological Theory and the professorship for Sociology enable insights into a historic and comparative perspective on social processes. This means that social science research paradigms besides quantitative social research are also considered and you can choose your field of expertise as it corresponds to your interests and professional expectations. 


Aside from the study programs, Bamberg is rich in history, quality of life, and student life. The historical town center has been granted the World Heritage title by UNESCO since 1993. The city, with its medieval atmosphere, offers various leisure activities, cultural events, shops, restaurants, and bars. For those who need more than this: Bamberg’s location between the “Fränkische Schweiz” (Franconian Switzerland) and the Steigerwald forest offers a range of recreational and experience opportunities as well as outdoor activities in its surrounding area.