Interviews with two DD-students from Trento spending one year in Bamberg

Why did you decide to participate in a DD programme? And why did you choose Bamberg?

'Participating in this program represent to me a great opportunity to understand a different educational system improving my knowledge with a different approach. I choose Bamberg because I had three possibilities and Germany was for me on the top.' (Davide Steccanella)

How was studying in Bamberg compare to Trento?

'It was quite different because the German method is more focused on interactive lesson, in which the student is warmly invited to participate and the lessons are centered in the establishment of a discussion within the students and with the Professor. Moreover, during the lessons Professors assign essay to write and paper to read for the next lesson. A problematic point is the absence of stable classmates (every lessons are composed by different classmates) which makes harder to socialize and get in touch with new friends.' (Alessio Raspanti)

To whom would you suggest to participate in the DD programme?

'I suggest to participate to every student that want to expand knowledge with a different university system in a small but wonderful city located in a beautiful area.' (Davide Steccanella)

'I would suggest it to a student who are in search of a different University point of view and who likes to life in a small and relaxed city.' (Alessio Raspanti)

What are your plans for the future? Do you think that the DD could be a plus for reaching your future goals? If yes, why?

'My plan now is to graduate in the next semester and find an interesting internship to better define my profile. I think that the DD may give me the opportunity to be better recognised by recruiters as in Italy as in Germany. Moreover I think that one year abroad is an opportunity that is fundamental to take and is the minimum period to understand a place in general.' (Davide Steccanella)

'My plans for the close future is to graduate as soon as possible and, then, try to take advantage from my forthcoming German degree and search an internship or a work in Berlin.' (Alessio Raspanti)