Student Representation

Bamberg student representatives are there for students to contact regarding any questions and concerns they may have.

Whatever the problem—legal issues, the desire for more vegetarian food in the canteen, or more cultural events etc.—our friendly student representatives always have a sympathetic ear and are there to offer help and advice whenever you need it. One of the things we focus on is ensuring good quality in our study programmes. If you are unhappy with any of your lecturers, examinations, or modules or run into problems, we can help. We also provide support in the event of violations of the Higher Education Act. If you encounter complications in your studies like compulsory attendance requirements or an inadequate number of seminar places, we can advise you on how to get through your studies without hassle. At the same time, we also represent students on a political level—on issues such as the semester ticket, cultural projects, or equality. There are numerous student rep groups and committees in which you can get involved.

At the same time, we are also the political representation of the students - whether it's the semester ticket, cultural projects or equality: we have numerous departments and committees where you can get involved. You can find out more about the diverse work of the Student Council on our blog and in the events calendar. There we also explain which committees the student council consists of and how the university elections work.


During the semester break, the office is only staffed intermittently. Please arrange an appointment by email.