Research and Teaching/Learning Labs

Research Labs

Smart City Research Lab

Within the Smart City Research Lab, various digitalisation projects created as part of the Smart Cities Model Projects funding programme are being carried out.

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Teaching/Learning Labs


The Research Centre for Digital Teaching and Learning (DigiZ) at the Centre for Teacher Training (ZLB) coordinates and academically supervises the development of digital teaching+learning labs. These labs enable students in teaching-related degree programmes to acquire and develop media-related skills. DigiLLabs are intended to become vibrant places for academic and practical exchanges on digital technologies and teaching+learning settings.

They offer the opportunity to test and critically assess the use of technology, the delivery and development of teaching content, communicative behaviour in different teaching+learning arrangements and forms of intervention directly and with the support of media. Three labs have been set up at the University of Bamberg, known as the Elementar-LLab (the preschool/primary education lab), Sprachen-LLab (the languages lab), and the Berufswelten-LLab (the occupations lab), each with a different content focus.

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In collaboration with the city of Bamberg, the research group for elementary and primary computer science (FELI) at the University of Bamberg has set up the FELI Lab at the Martinschule Bamberg. It serves as a place of learning for pre-school children and pupils as well as (future) specialists and teachers.

Education specialists and teachers have the opportunity to sit in on classes, and to test and further develop new teaching and learning concepts to foster basic IT skills as well as data literacy competences.

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The Bamberg Greenlab in Noddack House is a multifunctional space for the school-based design of teaching and learning processes. In addition to being equipped with all the necessary laboratory equipment, the Greenlab features the latest teaching and presentation technology, such as an interactive whiteboard. The Natural Sciences Didactics academic unit also conducts subject didactics research projects here.

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Mathematics Learning Workshop

The Mathematics Learning Workshop offered by the Mathematics Education academic unit provides a space with flexible seating and technical equipment for testing teaching and learning situations in mathematics. Materials such as games, textbooks, and didactic material as well as technical materials such as apps and learning software are available for testing and using in mathematics lessons for all grades.

In teaching and learning environments, didactic ideas can be examined and reflected upon independently and together in student groups, and stimulation can be provided for exploratory and research-based learning through workshop work integrated into courses. The Mathematics Learning Workshop also supports empirical explorations of innovative, school-based learning processes and offers the option of borrowing materials for use in internships or seminars.

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General Studies Learning Workshop 

In the General Studies Learning Workshop, structured learning opportunities are available in the form of ideas for teaching and readymade learning materials. The focus is on the natural sciences, technical, and geographical perspective of general studies. The programme is constantly being expanded.

In this learning environment, it is possible to gain (specialist) knowledge on subjects taught. In addition, new teaching and learning approaches can and should be devised, didactically prepared, tested, and evaluated on the basis of didactic knowledge. This research-based, active, and explorative learning is both about fostering understanding and about kindling interest and gaining experiences in self-efficacy.

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Theology Teaching Workshop

The Institute of Catholic Theology offers a special service for students in the form of the Theology Teaching Workshop. They can borrow materials to prepare religious education classes or for seminar events relating to Catholic theology, as well as valuable technical equipment. In addition, researchers can use the Theology Teaching Workshop to, for example, examine current parameters and forward-looking options for realising religious learning and education processes.

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Primary School Pedagogy and Didactics of Literacy Acquisition Learning and Research Workshop

The Learning and Research Workshop for Primary School Education and Didactics is dedicated to the teaching–research–transfer triad. Students will find a range of media there, especially from the didactics of literacy acquisition, which can be used in teaching. The room is also equipped with digital media and camera systems, providing facilities for teaching and research with a focus on videography and classroom research. Specialist lectures, workshops, further training and other events that serve the goal of knowledge transfer in the region, as well as collaborations with school administrations and individual schools, friends’ associations and clubs are firmly anchored in this context.

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