MA programme "Interdisziplinäre Mittelalterstudien / Medieval Studies"

M.A. programme "Medieval Studies"

The M.A. programme “Medieval Studies” offers you the opportunity to intellectually commit yourself to the European Middle Ages. The in-depth study of various disciplines enables a multifaceted insight into both the methods and approaches of diverse liberal arts disciplines while pursuing a quality academic degree.

Studying in the heart of Bamberg, a UNESCO World Heritage City, provides the unique opportunity to directly experience the Middle Ages in the form of medieval architecture, art and authentic manuscripts. The integration of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS) with the university and the rich variety of research institutions in Bamberg (state library and archives) enable an intense and practiceoriented course of study.



 The students of the M.A.-programme "Medieval Studies" choose one out of various offered disciplines for each of three fields of knowledge which provide their own specific approaches to the structures and processes of the Middle Ages:

  • Language and literature

     English, German, Classical Philology, Orient Studies, Romance Studies und Slavic Studies

  • Historical sources and theoretical texts

     History, Historical Ancillary Science, Philosophy und Catholic Theology

  • Material culture and visual representation

     Archeology of the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period, Art History, Hertitage Science, Islamic Art History and Archeology


additional modules:

  • Elective modules: to achive and enhance basic competences of cultural sciences (e.g. further language skills, applied computer science, religious traditions etc.)
  • specific Medieval Studies Seminars: to work on explicitly interdisciplinary projects and to impart competences on interdisciplinary medieval research
  • work placement (4 weeks minimum) and study trips (9 days minimum)


This programme of study is designed to provide foundational skills in relevant fields of cultural studies.

  • The ability to evaluate different medieval texts, objects and archeological findings methodologically in context
  • Achieving new insights through the use scientific methods in the field of Medieval Studies in an interdisciplinary manner
  • The competent presentation and conveyance of results of interdisciplinary research of the Middle Age for a broader audience

The Master of Arts programme in Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies provides an intensification and specialisation in cultural studies competencies with a historical perspective; these skills are necessary in the fields of Cultural Tourism and Managment, archives, libraries and museums. By completing the Master of Arts programme with an acceptable grade point average, the opportunity of purse a doctoral degree is avaible.