Good Reasons

to pursue Medieval Studies in Bamberg

Why should you absolutely study here?


Great staff to student ratio in a small programme

The Medieval Studies degree programmes are specifically designed for a small number of students. With Medieval Studies, you won’t be entering an anonymous programme overflowing with students. This means that interaction with other students in the subject can lead to contacts for your future professional life and to long-lasting friendships. In addition, students are involved in the topic selection process for the programme-specific seminars. Clear structures within a medium-sized university enable easy communication with teaching staff.

A wide range of subjects

As disciplines with a medieval focus are consolidated within the Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS) at Bamberg, you’ll find a unique subject spectrum that also includes fields like Oriental Studies, Archaeology or Heritage Conservation Studies alongside more popular subjects like German Language, Literature and Culture or History. This means that more unusual subject combinations are possible. The programme’s subject advisor and programme coordinator are there to competently guide you in selecting your own optimal curriculum with a great freedom of choice.

Strong teaching with close links to current research

Due to our close ties with the Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS) in conjunction with the university’s ‘Medieval Culture and Society’ research focus area, this degree programme has its finger on the pulse of current research, enabling the most proficient teaching.
Moreover, thanks to students’ satisfaction with their studies in Bamberg, many of the participating disciplines have repeatedly achieved top positions in the CHE University Ranking.

Study the Middle Ages in a World Heritage Site

With its old town classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bamberg, a former imperial and episcopal residence, offers medieval monuments, works of art and archaeological sites. Possessing the charm of a culturally rich, medium-sized city set amongst an attractive natural landscape, it is the ideal place to explore the Middle Ages more closely. Most of the relevant univesity buildings are right in the centre of the picturesque old town. Furthermore, a wide variety of institutes that house items or host programmes related to the Middle Ages are located in the city or the immediate surrounding area – many of which cooperate with the Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS).

Bachelor’s – Master’s – Doctorate

Pursuing Medieval Studies as a major subject as early on as in a bachelor’s programme is only possible in Bamberg. On top of this, we offer you the possibility of supervision starting with your bachelor’s degree and continuing through the corresponding master’s degree programme and right up to and including doctoral studies in a relevant subject at the Bamberg Graduate School for Medieval Studies. This means you can specialise in the whole breadth of the Middle Ages. At the same time, it is also possible to join us only for your master’s or doctoral studies, or to go in a new direction after your bachelor’s or master’s programme. In addition, you can even become a junior member of our research centre during your studies.