Important Courses for the Medieval Studies Programme

Alongside core studies in the three thematic clusters, the Centre for Medieval Studies also offers the following courses for those interested in medieval studies and for students of the Medieval Studies programme. Please take a look at our current programme and the semester brochure.

You can find the course catalogue, containing information on all the university’s courses, on UnivIS.

Every semester

Medieval studies seminar series

A multidisciplinary series of medieval studies seminars is aimed specifically at students within the Centre of Medieval Studies (ZEMAS). Each session is designed by teaching staff from a different sub-discipline of medieval studies and focuses on the subject matter and approaches of that sub-discipline; the programme as a whole intends to give students an impression of the diverse aspects one topic can have.

Further courses

Various other courses that are also relevant for ZEMAS students are also offered every semester. These include topics like medieval languages or career information events, which are often offered as block seminars. ZEMAS also organises conferences and colloquia in cooperation with its members.

Winter semester

Mediävistisches Oberseminar (advanced seminar)

The Mediävistische Oberseminar is an advanced seminar series on medieval studies that is intended to be an interdisciplinary information and discussion forum for all individuals interested in medieval studies. It aims to provide an insight into current thematic and methodological discussions, particularly for students and graduates who focus on subjects within the disciplines of medieval studies. Alongside numerous external scholars, talks are given by colleagues from Bamberg, graduates and early career researchers who present their theses on pertinent topics.

Summer semester

Ringvorlesung (lecture series)

The Ringvorlesung lecture series offers an interdisciplinary perspective on a particular subject area through expert lectures given by researchers from Bamberg or from other universities and research institutes.