The enrolment in the M.A. programme “Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies”  requires the degree of a “Bachelor of Arts” in “Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies” or a minimum equivalent degree. If the B.A. degree was not acquired in the  “Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies” programme, the student has to successfully complete a mandatory basis module, that teaches the basic abilities of interdisciplinary medieval research.

Furthermore the following language skills are mandatory:

  • English; the ability to comprehend longer schorlary texts in spoken and written form

  • equal skills in another modern foreign language

  • knowledge of Latin that allows independent work with medieval sources

  • knowledge of a medieval vernacular language

The Coordinator of the degree programmes decides whether equivalent language skills acquired differently are accepted on the basis of a statement by the lector of the correspondent language at the University of Bamberg. The representative of the subject chosen for Field 2 decides upon the acceptance of equivalent skills in Latin. The skills in a modern foreign language and in Latin can be acquired subsequently in the first two semesters of the studies.