Programme abstract

The programme at a glance


Final Examination

Bachelor’s Examination (accompanying the programme)


Bachelor of Arts

ECTS Points


Standard Programme Duration

6 semesters

Programme Start

Winter or summer semester

Typle of Studies

Full-time and part-time possible



Language Skills

Must be verified prior to bachelor’s thesis registration

Study the Middle Ages in a World Heritage Site

The Middle Ages are everywhere! You can even experience and explore the Middle Ages all around the city of Bamberg. Germany is famous around the world for its cathedrals and countryside strewn with castles. Stories of dragons and heroes still inspire us today – not only in children’s books but also in films and video games. Medieval markets can be found in many cities and knowledgeable, enthusiastic fans of the medieval period put on historical re-enactments that are as authentic as possible. The fascination for this era is palpable.

The bachelor’s degree programme in Medieval Studies provides you the opportunity to learn about and research various subject areas of the European Middle Ages from many different perspectives. You will gain an insight into the methodological requirements of a variety of disciplines in the humanities.

Studying in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage city of Bamberg, you can experience the Middle Ages up close and explore medieval architecture, art and manuscripts right here. Close ties with the university’s Centre for Medieval Studies and many research institutes in Bamberg (the State Library, the State Archive) guarantee your studies will be immersive and practice-oriented.


This programme received accreditation from ACQUIN (the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute, Bayreuth) in September 2008 and was reaccredited in 2014. For students, this means that the structure and curriculum of the programme fulfil the accreditation body’s required quality criteria.