Consulting service for third-party funded projects

At the Otto-Friedrich University of Bamberg, research - in addition to teaching and student support - is of great importance. Next to smaller research projects, more extensive externally funded research projects also play a role. In the recent past, the importance of methodological foundations has become much more important in the criteria catalogues of third-party funders. Even if project proposals do not directly include an empirical component, it is not uncommon for at least one empirical study on sustainability to be required, the methodology of which may already have to be outlined in the application. This trend reflects the development of the requirements of internationally renowned journals. Thus, the use of adequate statistical methods simultaneously improves the chances of receiving third-party funding and the possibilities of successfully publishing the results found in the final phase of the project.

If, for example, you need support in formulating a DFG application or similar, please contact us. If you need support, for example, in formulating a DFG application or similar, or advice in naming suitable statistical methods for your project, we will be happy to help. Ideally, this initial help can result in permanent support for the project by a BACES staff member. In such cases, after a joint assessment of the effort involved, appropriate consideration will be given in the budgeting of the third-party funds.

If required, please contact us to discuss everything further in person.