If your company has one-off tasks with a focus on surveys/data collection, data management or data evaluation that can be dealt with in the form of a project within a manageable period of about 3 to 6 months, an internship might be a suitable form of cooperation. The Chair of Statistics and Econometrics, where BACES is located, offers, among other things, statistics events for students of the Master's programme Survey Statistics.

The participants of these events have their study focus in the field of statistics/econometrics and are often interested in being able to practically apply their theoretical methodological knowledge. This is possible within the framework of an internship. If BACES arranges internships, there are further advantages for the company: In this case, we are also available to the intern as a contact person for questions during the internship. In addition, we explicitly point out suitable internship opportunities to students at events - if possible - or can give you the opportunity to briefly present your offers there yourself.


Please consider the following when making your decision:

  • The core competence of BACES lies in the areas of statistics/econometrics and quantitative work. We can only arrange internships with a corresponding focus of work.
  • The activities to be carried out during the internship should be chosen in such a way that the student gains insights into practice, as well as practising the application of what has been learned to real problems.
  • Our students are already advanced in their studies and bring considerable knowledge and methodological skills to your company. In doing so, they create considerable added value in some cases. We therefore make sure to only arrange internships where the motivation and performance of the students is adequately remunerated.
  • Internships can serve as preparation for an empirical thesis, which may be supervised by BACES in cooperation with your company.    


If you are interested in the placement of an intern by BACES, please contact us to inform us about your wishes and expectations. Sending us an advertisement in the form of a PDF file would greatly assist us in finding a suitable candidate.