Web-based surveys

In a web-based survey, an online questionnaire is programmed that can be accessed via a link. This is sent to the participants by e-mail as part of a personalised letter. The participants can click on the link and answer the questions directly on the screen. Since there are no interviewers present in a web-based survey, this type of survey is particularly suitable for topics with little need for explanation.

The implementation of a web-based survey by BACES includes the following services:

  • Method consulting
  • Implementation of personalised and anonymous online surveys
  • Questionnaire development and programming
  • Cooperation with access panel providers
  • Sample administration
  • Sending invitation and reminder e-mails
  • Hosting of surveys
  • Data cleaning and preparation
  • Coding of open questions
  • Preparation of spreadsheets and presentations
  • Preparation of survey reports
  • Documentation of fieldwork