Empirical thesis

As a further form of cooperation, BACES can supervise an empirical thesis in cooperation with your company. If you have a suitable problem to solve, which can be worked on within 3 to 4 months with the help of scientific methods, this is a suitable starting point for a cooperation of this form.

The process begins with an agreement, the aim of which is to find out whether the problem is suitable as a starting point for an empirical thesis. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the expectations regarding the result can be reconciled and, if necessary, required data are accessible or can be made available. Furthermore, the scope of the project must allow it to be completed in the time allotted for Master's theses. Furthermore, the level of the problem must be appropriate to the demand of the chosen thesis.

Experience shows that careful coordination in advance is crucial for the success of the project. The work to be assessed must meet the requirements of a scientific thesis. In addition to the practical part, the methods used and their theoretical background must therefore be presented. Typically, the latter aspects are of secondary importance for those responsible in the company compared to a presentation of the results achieved that is reduced to the essentials. It can therefore be agreed in advance that, in addition to the work to be assessed, a short report will be prepared, the content of which can be designed according to your requirements. A final presentation on site at your company is also common.

Clarifying access to the required information is another essential point. Particularly in the case of work in the quantitative field, the student often needs access to information that is sometimes classified as confidential. It should be agreed in advance which information is required in which form, how it is to be accessed and which restrictions apply to the publication of the results. BACES is flexible in many areas when it comes to the arrangement, as long as it is ensured that the results obtained can be checked by the supervisor of the work and that the work achieves a scientific added value.

If a suitable candidate for the realisation of the thesis has not already been found at this point, BACES will make the offer known, among other things, through announcements in thematically related courses. As soon as a candidate has been found, the exact timetable for the project can be set.