Computer-assisted telephone surveys

In the computer-assisted telephone survey, participants are interviewed via telephone by a trained interviewer. BACES conducts the telephone survey using computers so that the interviewer can read out the questions and enter the answers directly into a computer programme. The particular advantage of a telephone survey is that additional or more in-depth information can be collected than in a written or online survey. Another advantage is that the population can be almost completely covered, since almost every household has a telephone connection. To avoid unwanted influence, BACES surveys are conducted exclusively by trained interviewers.

The implementation of a computer-assisted telephone survey by BACES includes the following services:

  • Method consulting
  • Questionnaire development and programming
  • Preparation of sampling plans
  • Sampling and administration
  • Interviewing by trained interviewers under supervision
  • Data cleaning and processing
  • Coding of open questions
  • Preparation of tables and presentations
  • Preparation of survey reports
  • Documentation of fieldwork