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The doctoral students take part in the study program of the Graduate School within the scope of at least 2 SWS (weekly hours) during the semester. Reasonable exceptions (e.g. stay abroad) will be taken care of on an individual level. The offer includes:

  •  At least one interdisciplinary research-oriented advanced seminar (“Oberseminar”) per year of study.
  • A colloquium, during which the doctoral students may present and discuss their dissertations.
  • The ZEMAS lecture series during every summer semester.


Qualify features

BaGraMS is embedded in the Bamberg Centre for Medieval Studies, a research group that serves the purpose of interdisciplinary coordination and organization of activities related to the Middle Ages in research, teaching, and further education. It possesses both international and national networks. There is also an opportunity to present your own research, as well as making new international contacts, during regular lecture series, large international conferences, colloquia, and discussion sessions for up-and-coming researchers.

Participating Disciplines

Language and literature:

  • English Studies
  • Arabic Studies
  • German Studies
  • Iranian Studies
  • Romance Studies
  • Latin/ Ancient Greek Studies
  • Slavic Studies

Historical sources and theoretical texts:

  • History
  • Catholic Theology
  • Auxiliary Science of History
  • Philosophy
  • Oriental Studies
  • Jewish Studies

Material culture and visual representation:

  • Medieval and Early Modern Archaeology
  • Building Research
  • Heritage Science
  • Art History
  • Islamic History Art and Archaeology