Bamberg Research Training Group on Bounded Rationality, Heterogeneity and Network Effects

Following the successful first phase of our Research Training Group (2017-2020), the second phase will be focused on the role of heterogeneity and network effects in economic and political economic processes. These fields feature many common elements and thus offer many synergy effects, especially with respect to the modeling of contagion and transmission effects through social interaction and the evolution of networks for instance of the so-called fake news in financial market dynamics, economic fluctuations, the polarization of political attitudes and elections or attitudes towards migration. The role of the internet and the advancing digitalization in business and society and whether and how network effects on heterogeneous agents are influenced by them are further factors which have not yet been appropiately explored and which are of special interest for the Research Training Group.

More details about the main research areas of the Research Training Group can be found here.  Information about the profile of the scientific board can be found here.

Further information regarding the structure of the Research Training Group is provided here. All required information for the application process can be found here.