Mission Statement

BaCAI’s mission is to advance open AI research with national and international visibility for a net-positive impact on people’s lives. The responsible translation of AI algorithms into practice in an economically and technically sensible fashion has tremendous positive potential in uncountable domains. This includes, but is not limited to, applications based on language processing, robotics, or computer vision and domains such as healthcare, education, automotive, or industry in general. To realize this potential while reducing and mitigating associated risks, the center sets out to make significant progress in diverse research areas, establishes close collaborations with industry partners and creates an environment for open, reflected dialogues with experts and society. The center encourages and advocates for open science. BaCAI brings together world-class expertise in critical areas ranging from responsible, data-driven machine learning to provable, mathematically-grounded theories. Beyond this exceptional combination of technical expertise, BaCAI puts a strong emphasis on the development of human-centric AI systems in interdiciplinary cooperation with cognitive science, humanities, and social sciences. The centershapes the transformative potential of modern AI systems via regional and international collaborations, acknowledging their unprecedented scaling opportunities.

BaCAI aims to be a beacon of AI expertise and a magnet for regional, national, and international talents and industries by combining an outstanding educational environment with world-class research and entrepreneurial experience.