BaCAI Lecture series

The BaCAI lecture series will start in the summer semester of 2024 and will then continue regularly, including in subsequent semesters, with approximately one event per month. In the lecture series, speakers from various fields of artificial intelligence will present their research.

First lecture and grand opening of the BaCAI

18.04.2024 at 18:00 (s.t.) in WE5/00.022 (University of Bamberg, An der Weberei 5, 96047 Bamberg)


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Prof. Dr. Kai Fischbach
President of the Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg

Prof. Dr. Andreas Henrich
Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science

Dr. Michael Mihatsch
Ministerial Director
Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts

Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid
Managing Director BaCAI

Ceremonial lecture

Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting
TU Darmstadt and founding director of hessian.AI

Registration for the grand opening of BaCAI on 18.04.2024

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Dates of BaCAI lecture series in the summer semester 2024

18.04.2024 Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting (TU Darmstadt): How to make artificial intelligence more human

The relationship between humans and machines, especially in the context of artificial intelligence (AI), is characterized by hopes, concerns and moral questions. On the one hand, advances in AI offer great hope: It promises solutions to complex problems, improved healthcare, more efficient workflows and much more. But at the same time, there are legitimate concerns about control over this technology, its potential impact on jobs and society, as well as ethical issues related to discrimination and the loss of human autonomy. The lecture will highlight and illustrate the complex tension between innovation and moral responsibility in AI research.

About Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting

Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting is co-director of the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI) and heads the AI and Machine Learning department at TU Darmstadt. His research includes Deep Probabilistic Programming and Learning and Explainable AI. He is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of AI (AAAI), the European Association for AI (EurAI) and the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), book author ("Wie Maschinen lernen") and winner of the "Deutscher KI-Preis 2019". He writes a monthly AI column in the magazine "Welt".

13.6.2024 Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab (Technical University of Munich): tba


27.06.2024 Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard (University of Technology Nuremberg): tba


11.7.2024 Prof. Dr. Milica Gašić (Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf): tba


25.7.2024 tba