PhD Workshop: Making Design Science Theoretically Interesting (14.05.2013)

Presenter: Richard Baskerville

This extended half-day workshop will provide a brief introduction to research paradigm of growing importance in the information systems discipline. While such research can lead to innovative technical artifacts, scholarly reviewers sometimes question the value of the contribution to knowledge.  The workshop will include an opening orientation that will provide both a brief introduction to the paradigm; while at the same time establishing the operating perspective.   We will then focus on the types and role of theory in this paradigm.  The relationship between the values of design science and the traditional values of science will be discussed along with what makes design science contributions most interesting.  Opportunities will be provided for participants involved in design science to discuss their own work in relation to the framework discussed in the workshop.




Agenda 14.05.2013
9:00A perspective on design science researchPries-Heje, J., & Baskerville, R. (2008). The design theory nexus. MIS Quarterly, 32(4), 731-755.
10:00Coffee break
10:15Theory in design science researchBaskerville, R., & Pries-Heje, J. (2010). Explanatory Design Theory. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 2(5), 271-282.(*)
12:00Lunch break
13:00-14:30Adding interest with old science wrappersDavis, M. (1971). That's interesting. Philosophy of Social Science, 1, 309-344.

About the presenter:

Richard L. Baskerville is a Board of Advisors Professor of Information Systems at Georgia State University.  His research and authored works regard security of information systems, methods of information systems design and development, and the interaction of information systems and organizations.  Baskerville is editor-in-chief emeritus of the European Journal of Information Systems.  He is a Chartered Engineer, holds a B.S. summa cum laude, from The University of Maryland, and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from The London School of Economics, University of London (

(*)Translated as Baskerville, R., & Pries-Heje, J. (2010). Erklärende Designtheorie Wirtschaftsinformatik, 52(5), 259-271.