Guest lecture by Mr. Pawel Mikler from JCommerce on security standards for cooperation with an external IT service provider

On Friday, January 23th, Pawel Mikler, IT Outsourcing Manager at the Polish IT provider JCommerce, gave a lecture on “security standards for cooperation with an external IT service provider” within our course International Outsourcing Management.

In his talk Mr. Mikler covered sourcing strategy of a given enterprise; inappropriate use of outsourcing; the client-provider relationship; security & know-how; and many more relevant points. A blog post of Pawel Mikler provides further insight into the content of his lecture (click here).

We very much appreciated Mr. Mikler’s commitment and thank him a lot for his very interesting presentation.

We also want to point out that JCommerce is a partner of our faculty’s Corporate Internship Program (CIP), offering internships in diverse areas of activity. More information can be found here.