Research Profile

"The University of Bamberg is a middle-sized University with an academic focus on the humanities, social and economic sciences, as well as human sciences rounded out by application-oriented computer sciences. Interdisciplinary research activity and the ability to combine degree programmes contribute to the university’s distinguished status in Germany’s academic community."

(An excerpt from the University of Bamberg’s mission statement)

Research Characteristics at the University of Bamberg

Research at the University of Bamberg’s four faculties is interdisciplinary. It is often organised in inter-faculty centres or smaller research collaborations and is in many cases internationally networked.

Four outstanding fields of interdisciplinary research with long track records of excellence constitute particular profile-enhancing research focus areas.

At the University of Bamberg, some potential profile areas are also currently emerging. These have shown distinct potential for development into research priorities.

Multimedia Features

Pictures, texts and videos illustrate what the Bamberg scientists are researching in the focus areas. Multimedia features narrate their work: