Administrative Formalities

Registry Office

Will you be staying in Bamberg for more than two months? Then you are kindly requested to register with the city’s registry office as soon after your arrival as possible. You will not need an appointment, but please check the opening hours of the registry office. Please bring your passport or ID card and this accommodation confirmation(49.7 KB, 1 page) filled in by your landlady or landlord. The registration is free of charge.

Registration is not required for a shorter stay.

Foreigners' Office

If necessary, please apply with the Bamberg Foreigners’ Office for a residence or work permit. It depends on the duration of your stay and your nationality whether you are requested to apply for a residence or work permit or not. You will find further information on <link en auslandsamt welcome-center visa-and-entry-formalities>this website.

Please note that you are requested to apply for the residence or work permit before your visa expires, or, if you enter Germany without a visa, within 90 days of your arrival. As you will need an appointment at the Bamberg Foreigners’ Office in order to apply for a residence or work permit, we recommend that you get in touch with the Foreigners’ Office and ask for such an appointment as soon as you have registered with the city’s registry office.

The following documents are normally required for the residence or work permit application:

  • Proof of registration with the registry office
  • Proof of finance (e.g. employment contract or scholarship award letter)
  • Health insurance confirmation
  • Passport
  • A biometric passport photo
  • approx. 95 € fee (for one year and for one adult; children pay half of the fee)

The Welcome Center will be happy to assist you with any administrative formalities and with arranging an appointment with the foreigners’ office.