Visas and entry conditions

 German entry conditions and visa regulations vary according to nationality:

1.    Citizens of the European Union, as well as the European Economic Area and Switzerland

Citizens of the European Union, as well as the European Economic Area and Switzerland neither require an entry visa nor a permit for stays of a longer duration. In order to enter Germany, it is sufficient to carry a valid passport or ID card with you (§ 2 Abs. 5 FreizügG).
However, Swiss nationals are generally requested to apply for a specific residence permit for Germany (§ 28 AufenthV).

2.    Citizens from third countries

As a general rule, citizens from so-called third countries, i.e. neither from the European Union, nor the European Economic Area nor Switzerland require a visa to enter the country and a residence permit ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis") for stays of a longer duration. The visa can usually be obtained from German missions abroad. Depending on the duration and purpose of the stay, you either need a Schengen visa (research stay lasting up to three months) or a visa for a longer stay and/or gainful employment (research stay lasting more than three months).

Under certain circumstances, citizens from some third countries are eligible to enter the country without a visa for stays of up to three months. You will find further information on this table published by the Federal Foreign Office.

 Please note:

  • A Schengen Visa can under no circumstances be extended. It is required that one leaves the country after three months. If you plan to leave and re-enter the Schengen area during the validity of your Schengen visa, please apply for a visa which allows multiple entries.
  • If you get employed by the University of Bamberg during your research or teaching stay, you will need a national visa or a residence permit wich allows gainful employment in order for you to conclude the employment contract.
  • Please allow enough time for the visa application process. It can take up to twelve weeks.
  • Please enquire in advance with the German embassy or consulate in your home country about which documents you should bring with you for the visa application.

The Welcome Center will be happy to help you with all your questions concerning entry conditions and visas.