Employment Contract, Social Security and Income Tax

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Employment contract

If you get employed by the University of Bamberg during your research or teaching stay, you will conclude an employment contract with the University which needs to be signed before you officially take up the employment. The University’s personnel department will prepare the contract and will inform you about which forms and documents you are requested to fill in and to submit before the start of work. You will find further information (German only) on the personnel department’s website under the heading „Einstellungsunterlagen“.

Please note: If you need a visa to enter Germany, your visa must allow gainful employment in order for you to conclude the employment contract.

Social security and income tax

Employees in Germany are generally requested to pay social security contributions and income tax. Social security is required by law and includes health insurance, pension scheme, unemployment insurance, accident insurance and long-term care insurance. As soon as your employment has started, your health insurance company will take care of registering you with the other branches of social security.

If a social security agreement exists between your home country and Germany, it might be possible to transfer your contributions and contribution periods in Germany to your home country.  

If a double taxation agreement exists between your home country and Germany, it might under certain circumstances be possible to pay income tax on your German salary in your home country. 

The Welcome Center will be happy to help you with all your questions concerning your employment contract, social insurance and taxation.