Places of interest

The UNESCO World Heritage and University City Bamberg is famous among tourists and visitors for its numerous sights and points of interest. Bamberg’s Imperial Cathedral, the Rose Garden, Michaelsberg, Little Venice, the New Residence and many other tourist attractions should not be missed. Here you can find a list of the most popular places of interest in Bamberg as well as their location and how to get there.

Museums and galleries

Bamberg is not only a World Cultural Heritage Site and University City, but it has also a vibrant art scene. Though Bamberg is small, there are different museums, where one can learn about the history of the city, beer brewing, rescue services, communication technology and much more. The museums in Bamberg’s surrounding area are also worth visiting. Bamberg’s galleries open their doors daily for visitors. You can find information about current exhibitions and entry fees on the webpage of the respective museum.

Museums in Bamberg

Museums in Bamberg's surroundings


Theater and Cinema

Both theater and cinema fans have the opportunity to visit different theaters and cinemas in Bamberg, and to experience the world of acting. The famous “Bamberg’s short film days” also welcome their visitors. Program and further information about the respective theater or cinema can be found on the following websites.

Music and dance


Every music fan will find something to his or her taste in Bamberg. Medieval music, jazz concerts, Bamberg’s symphonic orchestra and more are waiting for you in the World Cultural Heritage City.

Dance schools and discotheques

If you like dancing, no matter if professional or not, you will find numerous dance schools and dance clubs in Bamberg, which offer different dance lessons both for children and adults. Furthermore, the dancefloors of Bamberg’s night clubs are waiting for visitors.


Bamberg has a huge and diverse variety of restaurants, bars, beer cellars and cafés. On the tourist information’s website under the topic “restaurants“, you can specifically search for a location of your choice, e. g. for restaurants which offer franconian culinary delights. The website provides information on contact data, a brief description of the respective locations and their opening hours. Gastronomy in Bamberg’s surrounding area is listed there as well.