Checklist: Before your departure from Bamberg

Your stay in Bamberg is about to end? Please remember to take care of the subsequent formalities before you depart (not all may apply to you):

  • Cancellation of your (unlimited) rental contract. Please remember that a notification period of three months usually applies.
  • Deregistration from the town registration office. You can download the deregistration form here(400.6 KB).
  • Cancellation of your health insurance contract and/or other insurance contracts (e.g., liability insurance). Please keep the individual cancellation periods in mind.
  • Closing your bank account. If you still expect payments into or debits from your account after your departure, you should generally be able to arrange for a closing date after your departure. Please arrange the details with your bank before leaving Germany.
  • Deregistration from the public broadcasting service (ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice). You can complete the deregistration here (available in German only) after you have received the Abmeldebestätigung (deregistration certificate) from the town registration office.
  • Returning your office keys, library and/or guest card. You may keep your library and/or guest card, especially if you are plannning to return to Bamberg. Otherwise, you may drop them off at any library desk for recycling.
  • Notifying the Kindergeldstelle (child benefit office) and/or Elterngeldstelle (parental benefit office) of your departure date
  • For PhD students: Withdrawal of enrollment. You can find additional information and the deregistration form here.
  • Deregistration from the Welcome Center. Please inform us about your departure. We would like to stay in touch and are happy to add you to our alumni mailing list.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your departure or if you need any support!