DARIAH-DE: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

DARIAH is an initiative under the umbrella of the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) and forms a social and technical research infrastructure for the arts and humanities. The Media Informatics Group is a member of the national consortium of DARIAH-DE and focuses its research therein on the topics of data modeling and the interdisciplinary association of research data – as well as the methodological advancement of search solutions for the Digital Humanities (DH).


The Media Informatics Group (Prof. Dr. Andreas Henrich) is a member of the DARIAH-DE consortium, which – in its third phase (2016-2019) – is composed of 16 partners. Information on current and former project members can be found at a href="https://de.dariah.eu/partner">https://de.dariah.eu/partner.


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Gradl, Tobias; Henrich, Andreas (2016): Die DARIAH-DE-Föderationsarchitektur – Datenintegration im Spannungsfeld forschungsspezifischer und domänenübergreifender Anforderungen. In: Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis 40 (2). DOI: 10.1515/bfp-2016-0027.